Year 1971

Gabor Dennis
Physics, 1971
Gabor Dennis

Dennis Gabor was born in Hungary in 1900. He received the 1971 Nobel prize in Physics, “for his invention and development of the holographic method,” which is based on the phenomena of light interference.

Gabor’s invention preceded its time. Only with the invention of the laser rays did it become applicable in fields such as medicine, communication and computer science.

Dennis Gabor passed away in 1979.

invented holography, the three dimensional photographic technic.
Kuznets Simon
Economics, 1971
United States
Kuznets Simon

Kuznets was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, in 1901. He emigrated to the United States, and was awarded his doctorate in economics from the University of Columbia in 1926. He was a member of the National Institute for Economic Research and at the same time served as professor of economics at Johns Hopkins and Harvard universities.

Simon Kuznets was awarded the Nobel prize for economics in 1971 “for his empirically founded interpretation of economic growth, which has led to new and deeper insight into the economic and social structure and process of development.”

Kuznets is thought to be one of political economics’ chief historians. He studied economic growth from the middle of the nineteenth century, while revealing the amazing complications of economic periodicity. Kuznets also defined national income and the methods he developed are in use the world over.

When he died in 1985, Kuznets was eulogized by the eminent economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who said, “When we talk about gross national product, national income, their components and the policies leading up to them, we are talking about structures created by Kuznets”.

created and established central concepts in the terminology of modern economics.
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